Who Am I


I’m someone who needs a space that has nothing to do with her job and started this blog to express her thoughts, as well as support authors in a more personal way, like sharing resources, tools and software that might make their work easier.

Beyond that,

I’m a personal book promoter, which occupies 90% of my time. If someone is interested in that, this is my official website www.theboldmom.com for horror, and fantasysouls.theboldmom.com for fantasy.

Above all though, I’m a mom.

I’m a compulsive thinker, a weirdo, an introvert.

I think differently than most, my mind is full of brambles and atrocities. I’m an illustrator. A horror —illustrator.

I open this blog without any desire of audience and engagement. I do it to express all I can’t in my business life, and to have a bit of relief in the madness of my broken mind.

Be welcome.