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BOOK REVIEW – “The Boneyard Chronicles” by Cyprian Wyrmwood – Sci-fi soaked in extreme horror scenes.


BEWARE. **VERY** STRONG MATERIAL. Not for the easily offended.

“The Boneyard Chronicles” by Cyprian Wyrmwood is one the most impressive books I have read. In a good way, a very good way.

When I took the book, I didn’t expect what I found. The beginning is amazing, a flash introduction to what you’re going to be drowned by, followed by a horror tale you won’t be able to put down. The story grows in suspense and “nightmare” as Wyrmwood whispers the events in the bottom of your mind.
The author tricks you, makes you think you’re diving in one dimension but it’s all just… an illusion. This book… soaks you in a grey/spine-chilling/terrifying feeling you can’t escape from. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW – “The Boneyard Chronicles” by Cyprian Wyrmwood – Sci-fi soaked in extreme horror scenes.”

“Beware Of The Monster” Zone

THE FORSAKEN CELLAR_beware the monster area

We, old fishes, are fed up of untangling hooks.
Giving up on desperation leads you to a free way of emptiness, ice and coldness.
Disappointment sharpens your need for loyalty and sick devotion.
Anything else is bullshit.
Darkness impregnates your organs like a thick, warm, slow venom… blinding your sight with a black parade of disturbing ghosts and anxious demons. Continue reading ““Beware Of The Monster” Zone”

Don’t Forget About Me

the forsaken cellar_dont forget about me

Obsessions are the thick sticky warm petrol of our mind. What makes our thoughts stick together. That pleases our sanity, increasing the feeling that we control what we think. What we do. What we destroy. Oh… dear.

Please tell my sister to gather off my things, I feel exhausted. I won’t ask you for rest… do you have some water? My lips are so dry… I barely feel my tongue, it’s difficult to talk. Continue reading “Don’t Forget About Me”

I know, I know.


I’m not a ‘talker’, I’m very silent, but I observe. And I observe a lot of despair, sadness, loneliness. I observe many people sharing anguish, depression, hate. Constantly, every day. You know, when I was young I used to be an enraged person, harsh, absolute. But life… ah, life, shows you the way. In the most unexpected, hard, hurtful, disturbing, demolishing ways. Why not? beautiful ways. Continue reading “I know, I know.”

A filter for quitters, a fence for the scared.

THE FORSAKEN CELLAR_cover image_A filter for quitters

She said she didn’t feel the galaxy outside, because her mind was chaotic enough as to get lost into.

And growls, howls, aches. Crawls, yells, cries. The mud is thick and your energy tears off.

And the obscurest night demolishes any kind of doubt. Continue reading “A filter for quitters, a fence for the scared.”


A cold pulse,
Breaking your breathing.
Stupid spasms, this is not the moment.

A darkness you got used to,
“Where did you go?!”
“Nowhere. Never.”
Don’t leave. Leave! Stop.


Continue reading “Voices”