Resources For Authors: Make the best of your digital marketing and social media.

I receive very often emails and messages from authors asking me questions about “what else can I do to market my book, I tried everything!” so I thought I’d make a list of useful articles I find on media.

I’ll be adding the software I have experience with,  platforms which can help authors and other resources. Moreover, I’ll try to write my own advice on the matter, due to the absolute lack of time, I still haven’t been able to.

So this will be an active and updated page. Please feel free to drop any comment with doubts or recommendations 🙂

About Digital Marketing: Why and how?

the forsaken cellar-marketing tools and tips-image two makes a little summary about why digital marketing is important.

Digital Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business: Yes, It Really Works!

If you are a blogger or have a website for your work, you’ll like discovering apps that can help you out. tells you about it.

The 10 Must Have Productivity Apps for Professional Bloggers

About Facebook: “Do’s” and “Please, don’t”

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Facebook for Authors: Getting Started Guide by Jane Friedman


The Power of Facebook for Authors by The Author Online

Facebook Page vs. Group: Which One Is Right for You? by Make Use Of

About Twitter: How to make it effective and your best friend to push your book

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Twitter 101 for Authors: Hashtags, Do’s & Don’ts by Frances Caballo on

How to Get Noticed on Twitter — 15 Tips for Writers by Make A Living Writing

8 Twitter Resources for Authors by Book Marketing Tools


Publishers and Journals

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Classifieds – Calls for Submissions by New Pages

44 Publishers Looking for Short Story Collections by BookFox

Submission Calls – Totally Bound Publishing (ROMANCE) by

Calls for Novella Submissions by Literarium

33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas by BookFox


Resources for your writing

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Infographic via

10 Websites to Help Improve Your Grammar via ProWritingAid

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We’ll keep this page updated with more material for authors.

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