Changes. Survive.

Changes. You think you control some parts of your life, but you absolutely don’t. What can you do? You need to say goodbye and remain on your own.

Just, go ahead. It’s unexpected —and scary. But the world will keep on spinning with or without you. Perhaps, the best you can do is to invest time in yourself, to put together your thoughts, plan how you are going to redirect your life.

Calm down. Breathe deeply.

You are strong enough to deal with anything life throws at you, and the calmer you are, the better you’ll go through the thorns.

You can do it, I know you can do it. I can do it. We can do it.

“Veni, vidi, vinci.” –J. Caesar.


“After all, life is a joke” – Thoughts: use your time wisely.

“After all, life is a joke” Charles Chaplin.

As months, years go by, I feel this truth welded deeper and deeper in what could be the remains of my soul.

In a precipitate fall, my mind only craves… silence. I’m not sure we have a fate sewed to our spine or if our nature forces our steps in the direction straight to the same cliff again and again. Is there something we can control? I assume, there is not except for your reactions.

You can’t help the way you feel or see things, at least I cannot. Taking this into consideration, you realise you can really not blame anyone for anything. Everything comes down to a lack of comprehension between individuals, who can’t see one another’s reasons, as a colour-blind can’t see certain colours.

We live our lives fleeing sadness and pain. Like they are not going to follow you everywhere. Tired of looking for myself, I just now surrender to the waves of, sometimes catastrophic, sometimes fortunate, events of life. Continue reading ““After all, life is a joke” – Thoughts: use your time wisely.”

You are different, you are perfect. – Real tips for those who are lost – Mental Health Awareness

THE FORSAKEN CELLAR_mental health awareness

I work with many different people and I can observe a big percentage of them are broken, depressed, lost. Negativity floods my feeds. It happens when you get out of all that “Be a shark!” “Set your goals” “Be the best, the King/Queen” “Success, Money, Success!!!!” kind of material shaped as “Inspirational” quotes, “successful” bloggers’ articles, business tweets etc.

That, might be useful and encouraging for some kind of people who need a push to achieve and accomplish what they consider success in their lives, but for others, it’s just an opaque veil to cover non-resolved emotional or mental issues, which provides them with a load of “failure” feeling, guilt, low self-esteem and the consequent abandon, confinement and ultimately —depression, under the motto “I’m not good enough.”

This auto-destructive process is due to several reasons: Continue reading “You are different, you are perfect. – Real tips for those who are lost – Mental Health Awareness”