The day after Christmas – Reflections.

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For some reason, this time of the year stirs our emotions. Perhaps, due to the spiritually or for having our family closer. Also, one more year on our shoulders threatens with new challenges and difficulties.

In my opinion, this is why we try to set new resolutions and objectives, which I do as well. Actually, I do all year long. In my case, I set professional and personal ones. Since I never have a drop of personal time, those are the most important for me, and the most difficult to achieve, I must say.

26-12-2018 Passejada Ordal 10

To me, that shows the inner spirit of becoming our better-self. I’m just an observer. Normally led by the silence and eventually, sorrow. But what is life if not sorrow lightened with happiness sparkles? Nothing.

26-12-2018 Passejada Ordal 6

There is one important thing. The moment you consider that you can be wrong, just as any other person, your perspective changes 180º. One of the most difficult things in this life is to accept, you were wrong. But when you do, you lose a big burden from your shoulders, because you don’t have to excuse and justify yourself, to yourself, constantly for wrong argumentations of why —you are right.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.” is all you need to liberate yourself from the heavy chains of ego.

26-12-2018 Passejada Ordal 4

Every time I fight my stubbornness and by definition, my ego, I learn a lot about life and people. People, no one, is perfect. We all make mistakes, bad decisions, say ugly things we should keep for ourselves. Some, more. Others, less. Everyone has their lesson path.

Accepting that I’m wrong brings new beautiful people into my life who accepted my mistake. Not letting my ego take control avoids me making terrible mistakes or saying things I really don’t feel.

26-12-2018 Passejada Ordal 8

Even the person you hate the most has a little heart. I have always believed everyone deserves more than one chance, because we are in different stages of spiritual knowledge.

My parents are the most compassionate people I know. From them I have learnt (more in my older years than in the young ones, of course), to never say anything ugly to anyone. To make everything relative when you don’t like something or want to criticise. That you “don’t know” about the other part’s position, so just —accept. Revenge, resentment and selfishness don’t get a home in their hearts, and perhaps someday I’ll get to be as wise and compassionate as they are.

To me, to forgive who is apologising and to help those who need you are the obligation of those who are in a position of being able to do it.

I don’t agree with “it’s not my problem”. Because one day, you might be the one there, and if people think like you do, no one will help you. “Not my problem” is ego taking control. “I am always right”, which we don’t say like that, but how many times do you consider that you could be wrong in something you strongly believe? —is ego taking control.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes as you forgive others. As “et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.”

You are a bright soul, but you need to realise —everyone else is as well.

Happy new year everyone.


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