BOOK REVIEW – Fantasy – “Heavenward: Dark fantasy on Celestial Lore” by Olga Gibbs


This book is a fresh, agile dark fantasy tale, I enjoyed it so much because first, it’s not my usual read, and second, because the author plays with the characters in a way it’s very easy to read, very pleasurable. The protagonist is a broken soul, which allows Gibbs to build many different layers and shades in her personality, reactions and inner thoughts.
Without falling on cliches, the author knows what the reader wants, and implements those traditional factors we all need in a world of fantasy. Who wouldn’t dream about becoming… one of them?
I loved the jumps between scenarios and how the characters come and go from them, it makes it quick and applies a brush stroke of action that puts the last cherry on top of the cake.
The end is not predictable but smooth and it will satisfy the readers.
I recommend this book to dark fiction lovers and people who like to swim between thriller and paranormal fantasy.


About the author


Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England.
She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest colunmist for a local newspaper. When she is not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.
She is currently writing “Hallow” a second book in the “Celestial creatures” series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller book.
Please visit author website for more information on upcoming books.

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