Don’t Forget About Me

the forsaken cellar_dont forget about me

Obsessions are the thick sticky warm petrol of our mind. What makes our thoughts stick together. That pleases our sanity, increasing the feeling that we control what we think. What we do. What we destroy. Oh… dear.

Please tell my sister to gather off my things, I feel exhausted. I won’t ask you for rest… do you have some water? My lips are so dry… I barely feel my tongue, it’s difficult to talk.

You were so intense… our minds colliding. And now, you feel so light… an integral nude of your mind, trash of your thoughts. Aw… how embarrassing.
How boring. But ah…. you were so deep.

I’m so tired… your voice is foggy… your touch… your touch. This place is so cold.
Please get me the *** out of here. This is too scary. Blackout… Cold… I see you. I feel you. Your tears stab in my trembling throat like frozen venom. Melting slowly…

Pain, resentment, guilt and panic turned into an iron bullet just right into my liver. Bleeding slowly… Awe please… please… don’t look at me like this. It wasn’t your fault. No… no don’t think like that, it was…. oh this migraine…!

Where are you? I can’t hear you… Don’t leave me alone. Just… don’t… I didn’t realize I was screaming. Like crazy. Your name.

Your name.

Just an echo. I refuse to forget your name. They say I will, but I won’t.

I will watch you. I will watch you forever. I don’t care how many spectrums I have crawling my arteries. You… you. You.

Please water… my lips, my mouth… I can’t even move it.

Please, please, I’m drowning in my own tears. But I also feel your deepest love and warmth, which keeps me painfully alive. Alive… This metal taste on my tongue… why is this relaxing me…?

Don’t forget about me. I’m panicking down here. Just, your memory. Don’t… PLEASE!!!! please… please.
Come often.
Come to see me.
Don’t go!
Don’t cry…
Don’t go…
Bury me rolled in your clothes, so I can smell you.
Bury me, wherever I can see the moon…
Bury me… wherever you will come to see me.
Don’t forget about me…
I’m here…
I’m here.
I’m here.



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