A cold pulse,
Breaking your breathing.
Stupid spasms, this is not the moment.

A darkness you got used to,
“Where did you go?!”
“Nowhere. Never.”
Don’t leave. Leave! Stop.


“Stay with us!!!”
Forgive me.

“I always forgive.”
“I’m tired of life.”
“I know, that’s why you called me.”
I didn’t.
I didn’t.

Where is the light.

And yet, you wait for a shadow.
“You’re never alone.”
I know.
I know.

“They call our love “madness”
But we are a part of you.”
Why can’t they see it,
As you rock slowly.
Why can’t they see,
Our love,
Our Love.

The charming touch of nightmares,
When you have nowhere to hide.
Daytime gets too hard, too sharp.
All those people…
Silence! Shut up!!!

My beloved night,
Obscure, quiet… black.
Full of monsters.
Full of stars.

I can recognise you,
By your cold, delicate buzz.
Up my spine,
Across my brain,
You know I need it,
As you don’t stop,
Until I calm.

“Pleasant nightmares”
“Now close your eyes”.
Thank you,
Stupid panic.
Stupid attacks.

“Nothing to thank”
“That’s what we are”
My most disturbing,
Atrocious thoughts,

“That insane amount of water,
You suffered,
You drank,
Was enough for us.”

“Drowning to redemption
from your own entrails.
Isn’t that true love, little one?
Isn’t that… commitment?”

Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Before it’s too late.

Before… there’s nothing left.

Post Scriptum.
Bury me where I can see the moon.
Bury me, where no one will ever disturb me.
Next to forsaken tombs.
In the coldest hill.
Wherever I can see the moon…
Wherever I can be forgiven.


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